Friday, August 5, 2011


Wait, a second, where did all this come from? I mean, with Celestia, there was a huge preview, poster on the website and lots of other stuff. But no, it just appeared. So I decided to go on the test realm, and the first thing i thought was "What are all these pigs doing here?!" And of course it loaded, loaded, loaded, and loaded. I haven't played on it too much, so haven't gotten to the fighting parts, but soon, I will be done.

I logged in, and well, got to the 1st boss and now I can't get in the door. Ah well! I might just wait for the live realm which will take around 2-3 weeks, but that's what I think.

Now on to some other stuff about Wysteria. I was in the entrance hall in the tournament hall where I came across these pictures:
 Definitely Dueling Diego,  /shrugs
 Malistare, what the heck?
 Emperor of Mooshu,

Man that Malistare picture creeps me out. When I saw Dueling Diego, I thought of something "Why is there another unicorn in this place that looks like his brother?"

Don't you see the resemblance:

Family time!

That's about it, and once the bugged door gets fixed I will be posting more pics. so 

Happy Rug Bugging!

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