Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Po(s)t of Many Things!

Hey guys. I know I've been gone for awhile, but not much to post about. In-game, I've gotten my partriotic leprechaun to adult, with him getting Drop-It and Spritely!

He got the new epic derby talent "Mega-Hurry" at adult, so this pet is A-W-E-S-O-M-E awesome! I will probably try to take those 2 talents to my judgement pet, which will be awesome eventually.


Now onto my storm
(Enter lighting bolt sound!)

Well a couple mights ago, around 9:00 p.m., I got my storm to level 58! I went straight to the bazaar, got my gear, and got off for the night, mainly due to the fact that I was 8/10 on the tiredness scale. Then the morning, I got on and wen to get my leviathan. The battle wasn't too hard, considering I won on the first try, but still (XD!) it wasn't that hard in my opinion. Aaron actually got his spell faster then Wolf did, mainly due to the fact that Wolf hadn't had any experience for the boss he fought so he wasn't ready for all the traps that would be put on him. Well, I took a very bad quality video of the battle and here it is:

If it would upload, that would be nice. Ah well, I will get it up on my Youtube soon enough!

Now onto the Kraken pet quest thingy. Yea, that was simple. Ya know, I love storm mainly due to the fact that you don't have to finish a certain quest to get the pet. All you have to do is get a friend to port to you on the other side of the bridge in Nordilund. That simple! Yea I took another bad quality video of that and it will be up soon enough. Yea, pretty much this was the fight: Shield, Blade, Attack Attack Attack! XD!


Then that same afternoon, my storm got to 59, and well, yea, here it comes. The longest point in my opinion.
Although I know I have more then enough quests to bring me through, I still have to say, THIS PART TAKES FOREVER! I have lately been questing in WT, and have already gotten to the second area, and about 3/4 about the way done. In CL, I have gotten in to the Crustacean Empire, not really any far done with that. Pretty much it!

Well, that's about it so bye!

Happy Rug Bugging!

P.S. My Kraken got May cast Storm Shield at Teen! Interesting!

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