Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Legendary In The House!

Yep, lately, my storm guy Aaron ThunderBlade got to level 60! Now a total number of levels is (x does calculation x) 120! I also got my robe and hat in one run of the Waterworks. Pretty nice, eh? And in that same run, I got the Balance Mastery Amulet, which I don't need but ah well. To the shared bank it goes. XD! I also took the time to get the crafted level 55 storm staff from the guy in the Floating Land. It took awhile, but it is still pretty cool looking.

Don't like the animation though, so will most likely stitch it. 
Sure did take long enough.

For my Kraken Pet, he got May cast Storm Shield for Teen, and Storm shot (Storm accuracy) at Adult.
The I hatched with a judgement, and got a topaz Kraken, which is interesting looking. The yesterday, I got hatched with a scarecrow and got a stormcrow. Then i hatched again and got a cloud beast, and this was when I hatched with a wookie (Forest lord).

Here's my guy right now:

Yep, hope Stephen doesn't mind me using his hat for now. Lol!

Well that's about it, and well, yep.

Happy Rug Bugging!

P.S. My kraken sneezes way too much!

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