Monday, July 25, 2011

Hunter ShadowBlade!!

Please welcome Hunter ShadowBlade!!

Hunter is a level 13 death wizard who I have leveled up every once and awhile. I have done a little pet training on him getting a jellyfish to ancient, and well, no mega snacks. And yea most likely, you will not believe this, but I did this in about 3 hours. Ok not that fast but still about 6 hours.

He is in Krokotopia, but he just started about, well I don't know, 4 days ago, but since I haven't really played since last week, hasn't gotten far at all. His secondary is storm, but I will be changing that soon enough. Well, he will be my next character, so will be posting updates about him every once and awhile.


On my storm guy, I finally got my storm phoenix thingy.

Trying to train him up, and hatch him to get some talents, don't know what talents though, but definitely Spritely for one.

That's it so,

Happy Rug Bugging!


  1. Another Shadowblade!

    ~Keep It Dead @

  2. Lol, brothers! I love it when I'm just walking around the spiral and I see a long lost relative...