Sunday, June 19, 2011

There is another Grandmaster in the SpellHammer Family!!

And KaBaam-ey! I did it (again). I finally got my storm guy to Graduate level. Oops! I mean Grandmaster! ;) Yep!

This would also mean that I got to get Storm Lord (Go Zeus!) and my pet stormzilla, Queen Lulu.

The quest was SIMPLE!! Defeat 5 gearheads in marleybone, then walk about 10,000 (Ok, maybe not that many) steps to talk to multiple NPCs then go summon a storm lord, a.k.a Storm master, due to me being the grandmaster of storm, literally. Well, not at that time.

 But sadly with that great achievement came, the not very fun, very long, gear grind of all this gear.  :-(

Greatfully, I have the robe and ring and I guess you could count the myth wand (But I do have the storm one!)

And, I met up with Malistare to finish "The Final Countdown"

Not that hard considering I had a legendary storm (Dang it, I thought I was the best XD)
Team Not Level 60 (I hope everyone agrees with me on this, well in the team at least.). Wait there was a level 60, so this team name still fits. XD!

The team was me (of course) Austin NightHunter, Charles NightStrider (who had to leave about 5 minutes before the end so I brought my balance in later and we wiped through it!), and the last guy I don't remember. Sorry whoever it was, you were part of the team once you joined in the beginning of Malistare's battle.

Here is me jumping in front of Malistare right before the battle when Cyrus and Malistare have a little brother-on-brother confrontation. Then came the battle.

And of course, we came out victorious and then came a another little confrontation, but with Malistare and his WIFE!! and of course the wife overpowered Mali again. Then it was off to Master Ambrose who congratulated me, blah blah blah, and Cyrus said that he liked me now,then more blah blah blah. Sadly at that time, I was level 49 and about 3\4 away from level 50, so I went all over Dragonspyre looking for side quests, and finally, in the Grand Chasm, I leveled up. I automatically put on my level 50 robe and ring that my balance got and then transfered using the shared bank. Then, once I got to level 50, I went to Viktor Snowcrusher, who drops my hat. I fought him about 40 times, with nothing good except a skeletal warrior pet, which really has no good point for me. Ah well.

Charles also got his level 48 spell "Power Nova" in which he so kindly allowed me to port to the summoning.

I remember when I summoned Judgement for my Power Nova spell. Good times.
I got my stormzilla, Charles, a hydra.

Then it was off to Celestia, long pause, again. Sigh.
I blew threw the first area, Survey Camp, pretty easily, except for the boss at the end. He, I had some trouble on. Then it was off to the Grotto, which I blew through again. Then came the dreaded district if the stars. At level 51, I felt pretty good going in their. Boy, was I wrong.I have died at least *Count, 15 times at the least. Now I am on the collect pieces from the Piscean Troopers. I have one out of three! Yay!

InWintertusk, I am on the frost bones quest where, you have to collect a note to open the town gate. I have done multiple battles, and still not gotten it. It is getting annoying.

Then in gardening, I have planted a Pink Dandelion garden and already am level 6.

That is about it.

Happy Rug Bugging!

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