Thursday, June 16, 2011


A new pet has arrived!

June 15 2011

New pet available in the Crown Shop - The Evil Sandman!
The Evil Sandman has arrived! He's round, he's sandy, and he's evil. Head to the Crown Shop to check out this sandy little guy and how he can help you in your quests!

A snowman made out of sand, eh? How is that even possible. I mean, I know there are terrifying (like Cyrus Drake) wizards out there, well I don't know. As far as graphics go, the pet looks epic, and the dirty top hat-like thing on his head is a perfect fit!! Petnome has already discovered 8 of the ten talents possible, and so far, it has not one, but TWO! new talents. They are "Drop It", and "Power Player". "Drop It" is a "May cast" disarm spell, which could be very useful if someone is stacking blades. "Power Player" is a card talent, which gives the card "Power Play". It also has spritely, and multiple other "Less useful" talents as I call it, including mana gift and health gift. A pedigree of 59, this pet is a very good balance pet (not better then Judgement or Snake in a Basket! Well, in my opinion at least, but what does my opinion count for?).

Happy Rug Bugging!

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