Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ravenwood Ball

Well, the Ravenwood Ball was last night, and well, I haven't seen so many people in one place before! XD!

Ya, and there's Friendly almost at the top of a jump.
And of course, the chat bubbles dominated the party. I think that there wouldn't be a second where there wasn't a new chat bubble. And of course, when I got on around 4 there was already a mob of people with one or two areas full in Vampire realm. I wouldn't have been surprised at all if there were people there before noon.

Well, of course I saw many familiar faces that have a blog, or have a podcast -Cough, Cough, Steve, and Fallon, Cough, Cough- Sorry excuse me. ;-) I also had the chance to see Diana WildHeart, although I didn't talk to her. Lets ee, oh yeah! I saw Friendly, and well, he was 100% right about him and Bailey coordinating their outfits, they were EXACTLY the same! Sadly, Friendly had a full list, so I didn't get to add him, but, since I already had made friends with his wife, I think I'm good! Um, I saw Ditto
Steven SpiritCaller,
Fallon, A.K.A. Fallon DeathSlinger,
Fallon ShadowBlade.
I also saw John LifeGlen, Christina IceDreamer, Fin, Luke UnicornCatcher, and that was all I can remember at the momento.

I am such a stalker.

Lets see, the most memorable part of the ball? Um, I would have to say when Friendly was being Dog Piled, then he saw Cassandra GriffinDreamer (I think it was Griffindreamer) and yelled,"Cassandra, Dog Pile!" And of course, I followed him around and around Bartleby in pursuit of her. Man that was F-U-N FUN! Overall the entire thing was awesome, probably the coolest in-game event I've ever been to, except the one Ravenwood Radio, where I got to add Bailey, Stephen, Ditto to my friend list. I also started singing a song with Kevin at the after party.

Shoutout to to Charles NightStrider, who started a new blog, NightStriders News. Of course he started it because of Luke UnicornCatcher and I, who are very good friends of him.

Although I didn't get to see it, someone mentioned that Kevin started multiple flash mobs, including a dance line, krokomummy mob, and a skeletal pirate mob.

Well, for my first big party I've ever been to in game, all I have to say is WOW!!! I think there were too many people for my liking, but ah well. Kudos to Fallon for planning this event, and well good job!

Happy Rug Bugging!

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