Monday, June 6, 2011


And now introducing the first ever *drum roll please. BUM BUM BUM BUM!


For a limited time, all crown pets are on sale, and some are up to 50% off! Great chance to get that sea dragon that you've always wanted, but never gotten because you only have 10,000 crowns, and it costs 12,000 something or something like that.

Now a surprising moment. Let us all bow our heads down and say a quick prayer of thanks for KI for bringing 2 limited pets back in the game, well, for now that is. Yep you've heard, you've probably heard it more then once in fact. Yes, the red gobbler and pale maiden are back!

Being embarrassed that I didn't get either one when they were just arriving in the spiral, I think I shall get one of each, well, maybe.

Also, if you log in between June 6th and 14th, you will receive a "special gift" from KI. You will get a free pet snack. That's why I put "Special Gift" in quotation marks. For example I got moon pie! Wonderful!

And now for bad news: NO NEW PETS!

Ok that is it.

Happy Rug Bugging!

Don't think I will be doing anymore quotes

Oh that was a P.S.


*Update: KI has even released a new commercial for the Pet-A-Palooza! But still, no new pets seen yet. If you catch something I didn't, please comment, I would love to know.


  1. Nice post XD Check my post on this

    -Blaze Shadowhorn

  2. @Blaze Shadowhorn You were actually the first one I heard this from! XD!!