Monday, June 20, 2011

Max Gold, Twice!?

Yep, my storm guy has gotten MAX gold twice now, and it is not a very good accomplishment. I had to buy some very expensive items to bring it down the first time, then about 5 days later, it was full again.
Level 49

Level 50

The first time I had MAX gold, I decided to buy two Commerative Statues, which I transferred to my balance file for house decorating, due to the fact that I didn't get one when you could log in and get one. 

Then I got MAX gold AGAIN! So I decided  to buy a new mount, and in which, I got the Bengal Tiger.

Yea, I remember I was talking to one of my friends when I hit MAX gold, and this is what I said at one point of the conversation! "It's not fair, I can't sell anything when I get MAX gold!" Yep, I had about 20 items left when I hit MAX gold, so the I got the 2 statues.

My question is "Why does the MAX gold level not allow you to sell anything if you don't have enough gold space?"

Well, Happy Rug Bugging!

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