Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Good, and a Bad Thing

So I've been farming the Waterworks a lot lately, and well, as the title says, there were some good things, and some bad things. Good news, I got my hat and the Baconator hat (Which is very helpful when it comes to pet training!). And the bad news is that my robe or boots didn't drop, AND, and, (and!) my hat dropped again! What is up with that! Well now I just have to farm again, and probably again, until I get my entire set of gear. Gosh, now I have 2 gear grinds to accomplish, yes not one, but TWO gear grinds. Ugh! Well, I am still liking the mega snacks.

Now onto pet news. I hatched my judgement pet with Luke UnicornCatcher's scarecrow, and well, I got a sweet looking astral judgement named Bandit.

Good thing is that Bandit good Spritely at teen level!! Yayerz! Then he got mana gift at Adult. :-(! So I was like "What the heck, why don't I just train him to ancient?" And that is exactly what I did. And at Ancient, he decided to get Death-shot! So I think I will stop training him and maybe hatch him with my jellyfish pet on my death file and see what that gets me. But over all, this is a very interesting death pet. Not good but not bad. Little bit of both, considering mana gift. 

The I hatched Bandit with my judgement and got a regular Judgement pet, which I wasn't very happy with considering the astral judgement looks a lot cooler in my opinion then the regular judgement. And plus the astral judge was a 66 pedigree, and the regular judge was 64, I thought I would get the astral judge but I guess not. Ah well. And of course, the pet got 65 pedigree. 
That's about it.

Happy Rug Bugging!

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