Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dragon Riders Have landed!! I got lucky (For once in my life)

OMG! (you can't see me!I'm blending in just like a pine tree!)the Dragon riders have landed, and luckily, not on top of me (Ok, that was close Master Dragon Rider!)! This is my first experience, watching my wizard101 launcher patch...............................and patch.....................and patch!

Straight in from KI:

The Dragon Rider's Have Landed!

The Dragon Hoard Pack is now available in the Crown Shop! Get a chance at brand new rare & ultra rare Dragon Rider's items including:

Bone Dragon Mount

Double Handed Blade

New Dragon Pets

Special Dragon Rider's Gear

And more mystery items!

Each pack contains a chance at the ultra rare Bone Dragon mount, plus is full of Wizard dragon items to help you with your quests!
Visit the Crown Shop to get your Dragon Hoard Pack and join the Dragon Rider's today!

Gosht that took A LONG time to copy and paste! ;) Ok,  I am really showing how lazy I am!

Yep, yep, oh and I almost forgot. With each pack you get, you have a chance of getting one of these bad boys

A skeletal dragon MOUNT! Yep, you heard it correctly. A skeletal dragon MOUNT!

So I logged on, and well, I have been saving 10,000 crowns, and guess who got lucky (Big give away there)?! I did (For once in my life)! Yep on about the 10th or 11th buy, I GOT THE EPIC LOOKING MOUNT! But with all those 11 (plus a lot more), I got many other, lets say, horrible items, so I had to think of a way to keep them, (Well, some of them) so I decided to make a room in my MFP house that has only dragon stuff in it. This is located at the bottom of the tower in my house, and also includes the hidden room.

Now onto "Katrina" (As Luke UnicornCatcher puts it)

She is a very noble dragon, but she is very dangerous! Whip noise!

Look at that tail, gosh that would hurt!

And you can even see her blue heart!

And amazing wingspan!

There she is, diving to the left of the camera so she wouldn't get caught in the picture!

More about the Dragon Riders Pack should be coming soon, and last but not least!

Happy Rug Bugging!

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