Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Coming Your Way!

Ok, sorry for not posting in a week or so, but there hasn't been too much to talk about. Plus, I have BEEN really busy ( I know, I have used that excuse a lot!!) so not too much time to play and/or post. But I have made some decisions. First, I will be attempting to write a book on how to make your house the best and most decorative you can make it. It will include regular designing and things you can do with rugs and all that kind of stuff. It will take awhile, but don't worry, it will arrive soon.

Now onto the second part. I will be making new "Wizard101 cards". These cards have about a 2% chance of getting into the game ( At least that is what I think) but you might think they are cool.

And to make my blog more "colorful" I will be adding new widgets and stuff like that!

So stay tuned for more info on all these things.

Happy Rug Bugging

*Edit, Sorry forgot to do sign off line

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