Sunday, April 10, 2011

Test Realm : Status : Online!

Well, as the title says, the test realm is open to test out some new amulets and a couple other minor things.

Now to the amulets.

The amulets will allow you to use power pips for another school, for ex. you are a balance character. You buy a
"Amulet of Divination". Storm is your secondary school, so you use it a lot. this amulet will allow you to use regular power pips for the benefit of storm class. For short, regular power pips that use to be only for your regular school can now be used for your secondary school.

The only part of that that is kinda, sort of bad is that you can't buy the amulet for your own school, for example, your balance, you can't purchase a "amulet of sorcery" from the crowns shop.

And, yes, these are only for crowns, each one costing 9,950, right around twenty bucks (Ki is pushing it a little).

Here are the 7 amulets:
1: Amulet of Divination
2: Amulet of Sorcery
3: Amulet of Necromancy
4: Amulet of Theurgy
5: Amulet of Conjuration
6: Amulet of Thaumaturgy
7: Amulet of Pyromancy

Young men want to be faithful, and are not; old men want to be faithless, and cannot.

Happy Rug Bugging

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