Friday, April 1, 2011

Mount Week .................And Pet Rock!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

So most of you have heard about KI's mount giveaway week. (click on link, hint, hint!) Sadly, I am not a certified Wizard101 fansite so I won't be holding any mount contests, but Friendly, Ditto, Petnome, RW Radio, and many others are hosting mount contests, so if you want to get free mount(s) or just want something entertaining, look at those sites. I know Friendly is doing a new hybrid concept art type contest, and the Petnome is holding a "scavenger hunt". So that is it for the mounts.

Pet Rock-
So you know that countdown KI released about a week and a half ago, well,    IT FINALLY EXPIRED! and with this timer, came a odd little rock, that is for sale in the crowns shop for 2,900 crowns. And well, it looks like a big rock! here is the note from KI:

Pet Rock Instructions and Care

Your Pet Rock

So, by now you most likely have a pet rock. If not, this pet can be found in the Crown Shop. So if you have a pet rock we can move on. In this manual we will go over the training and care taking of your rock so lets begin........

I recommend starting to train your pet rock at a very young age, this will make your pet more powerful. Beyond training your pet in the Pet Pavilion, rocks are such intelligent beings that they are born knowing tricks. Here I will mention what your pet can do....
Sit - Your pet will sit all on its own, you don't have to teach it to sit.
Stay - Your pet rock will always stay at your side.
Run - When you run, your pet will run beside you.

Simple care
We will now go over simple care for your rock.

Run your pet rock through the Wizard City Pond occasionally, and higher level Wizards can swim with it in Celestia. This will keep the pet rock clean.

The pet rock is a very easy pet to take care of, just feed it after every pet mini-game in the Pet Pavilion to make sure it has enough nutrients to stay healthy.

Your pet rock will get lots of exercise following beside you as you explore the Spiral! If you are on a mount, don't worry your pet rock is safely tucked inside your backpack. If you don't feel your pet rock is getting enough exercise, you can always place it in your house.

Your pet rock comes with a very powerful card, and it will be happy to assist you in duels!

For your pet rock I do recommend sleep. Your pet rock will sleep when you are offline.

Note: if you want him to go get a checkup at the doctor, dont be worried when they say theres no heart beat. Dr. Purreau will be very happy to give your adult pet rock a clean bill of health for hatching purposes!

Keep your pet rock happy and healthy, and it will be your best friend!

And with that is a cute little rock type pet (duh)

And as that says, it for a limited time so get your rock while you can rock the spiral!


Happy Rug Bugging

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