Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Winter Tusk and Grandma Raven!

OK, so some of you might of heard, but KINGISLE HAS JUST RELEASED INFO ON THE NEW WORLD (drum roll please!) WINTERTUSK!!!!!
Ok so enough with the caps lock. Ok with all this we are going to get ( begin copy and paste from ditto(he rocks)):

Brand new areas for high-level Wizards to discover and explore.
New spells! I’ll say that again – New Spells!!! Woohoo!!
Level 58 class pets for each primary school – Yay pets!!
A revamped underwater introduction zone for lower level characters that’s going to continue the story of the Crab King from the Selena Gomez/Crab Alley quest line. That’s great because that was a fun quest line!! I love the underwater areas!
Lots of additional surprises – Fred said they were saving some of the best details to reveal later, but the info we have now is a GREAT teaser – I’m already really excited!!
And the last sentence says it all, "I'm REALLY excited!!"

Now on to Grandmother Raven
And that is all we no about her really, but I recall that the Friendly Necromancer brought up Grandma Raven in one of his interviews, asking if she would appear in the spiral sometime in the future. And now it has happened!

Ok, so that is all the info I have found and heard from KI and other bloggers.
I will probably be making predictions on new pets and such, but for now, "No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."
Happy Rug Bugging

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