Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Glitchy, Glitchy, Glitchy

You might have noticed that rug bugs and some other types of bugs have been a little "glitchy" ever since Kingisle released Celestial houses. But, some of you might not have noticed this. For example, I haven't really done any big rug bugs lately, so I haven't seen this bug a lot, but now that I am coming up with new ideas, It has taken me A LOT longer then it normally would. For example, putting items on top of my battlefield in my Massively Fantasy Palace has take twice as long as it normally would. So it might make my"How To Do It" videos longer, but it is manageable. Other then that, I think I will be ending each of my posts with a sign off line. I heard this one a couple of weeks ago, "If it isn't related to elephants, it is erelaphant." at least that is how i think it is spelled. Oh well.
P.S. I will post a fail video of this new bug.
Happy Rug Bugging!

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