Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy B-Day to Me, I Mean Wizard101!!

Yes siree, today marks Wizard101 big third birthday. The big "3".

Of course, there are party banners everywhere once again.

Happy B-day!

And, if you haven't redeemed your code already, you can redeem a party item at this link with the code:

And if you happened to notice that I still have quests in Wysteria, I won't lie, I still do.

That's all for now

Happy Rug Bugging, and Partying!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Little Bit More News

School has started so, I won't get enough time for this. I will try to get a post in at least once or twice a week, but with my homework (Yep already have that scary paper) that might not always happen. So that's it, and

Happy Rug Bugging!

I know short post

Pvp Tournament News

Ok, I finally have news about my 1v1 Rug Buggers Tournament. Once you get your names in the draw, I will put up the draw. I will contact you again if you have entered with your opponent and some other stuff so you people can figure out what you want to do. There are two places you can get, the pvp arena (Please practice only) or my house, but if you want my MFP you will need to contact me again. Man, I just noticed how much contacting there is. The prizes still haven't been decided yet, but they will be up soon enough, so stay close, and until next update

Happy Rug Bugging!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Bucket of Many, Well, New Stuff

Yea I know I haven't posted in awhile but I am back into it, back in the wizarding community. So lets start with the first part of news.

1st - Wysteria came out in the live realm, and although I haven't gotten to see it, I promise, I will be done with it soon enough (XD!).

2nd - A new pack has came to the crown shop, the Wyvern Hoards Pack. It comes with new gear, staffs, and the chance of a new mount!! That's right, a new MOUNT! The wyvern mount. It comes in 5 different colors, white, black, red, yellow, and the last color escapes me at the moment.

You are also able to get Fairy Wing Mounts, teleporters, and multiple trees, including the large willow tree!

3 - House-A-Palooza. Although it ends in about one day, it is going on so I wanted to put it in my post. all crown houses are up to half off, and that includes the new houses, the Sunken Palace, and the Wizard Watchtower. I did get to see the Sunken palace so far, considering I haven't been playing too, too much. but it does look awesome. although it does have a very annoying leak inside. Man, that has to violate so many house rules thingies. 

Pvp tournament update, the dates will be up soon, as soon as tomorrow even.

Well, I'm back and I think that was all, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.........

Happy Rug Bugging!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome to The 1st Annual Rug Buggers 1v1 Tournament!!

Yea, I know it is late ,but here ya go!

Yep, you heard it correctly. I am hosting a 1v1 tournament here, at my blog. It is a 1v1 tournament only.
Here ya go, and it is not quite done with all the details yet:

Bring Your Friends to Cheer You ON!

Level Requirements:
(And don't worry if your a lower level, I just don't want level 19 being killed in the first round by a critical)

To sign up, e-mail me at with your in-game name and level and the words "I Want to enter" in the subject line.

And this is where I haven't got all the details done like the prizes.

Happy Rug Bugging!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Look Out! There's a Pie!

Ok, I know I haven't posted a lot, but don't worry, I will be back to posting soon enough. But, but, look out for something really cool coming you guys way, most likely by tomorrow night, but not 100 percent sure, and for the meantime:

I look up to the sky, and see a flying pie! It coming down so fast, that I might die! Splat!
I'm dead. x_x

Happy Rug Bugging, and btw, I made that up, well with a little help!

Friday, August 5, 2011


I can go into the boss room now, yays!

Happy Rug Bugging!


Wait, a second, where did all this come from? I mean, with Celestia, there was a huge preview, poster on the website and lots of other stuff. But no, it just appeared. So I decided to go on the test realm, and the first thing i thought was "What are all these pigs doing here?!" And of course it loaded, loaded, loaded, and loaded. I haven't played on it too much, so haven't gotten to the fighting parts, but soon, I will be done.

I logged in, and well, got to the 1st boss and now I can't get in the door. Ah well! I might just wait for the live realm which will take around 2-3 weeks, but that's what I think.

Now on to some other stuff about Wysteria. I was in the entrance hall in the tournament hall where I came across these pictures:
 Definitely Dueling Diego,  /shrugs
 Malistare, what the heck?
 Emperor of Mooshu,

Man that Malistare picture creeps me out. When I saw Dueling Diego, I thought of something "Why is there another unicorn in this place that looks like his brother?"

Don't you see the resemblance:

Family time!

That's about it, and once the bugged door gets fixed I will be posting more pics. so 

Happy Rug Bugging!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A reminder

Don't forget a episode of Ravenwood Radio is tonight, along with a Daring Adventure of Ditto Wizard! Although I might not be able to make it, but look for me in the chatroom!

Hope to see ya there!

Happy Rug Bugging!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Speechless!!

So I was checking out some blogs today, and I came across this on Through the Eyes of A Sorcerer. Noah was talking about news and all this other stuff when he said this "Today also marks August 1, which means that the KIFreeGames rewards have changed. Check out the Ravenwood Bulletin for specifics on that. No more temporary mounts or transformations, though. Woooo!" Ok, so I clicked on the link, read the top article that Falmea wrote, and starting scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling. Ok maybe not that many, but one or two. Tahts when I saw an article labeled "New rewards". So I read it all the way down, and well, wait, here it is if you wanted to read yourself:

New Rewards for KIFreeGames & WizardBlox
We've listened to your feedback on the rewards at KIFreeGames and have removed transformations and mount rentals from the list of items you can win. We have added Seeds, better Snacks, different Pets, Permanent Mounts, new Housing Items, Booster Packs, better Elixirs and more items - but the best part is, you have a very rare chance at actually earning Crowns! That's right young Wizards, Crowns.

Head on over to now or download our iPhone app called WizardBloxand start winning those codes today!

So the beginning, was like, well yay, no more transformations or 7 day mount rentals. YAYZ! I wasn't that excited about it but then I kept reading and came to the Permanent Mount section. Woah, woah! Hold your horses. I love that! Then the dash came, and everyone knows, that mean something very important is after it. Here it comes!
 "- but the best part is, you have a very rare chance at actually earning Crowns! That's right young Wizards, Crowns."

Stupid period, that needs an exclamation point! Now I shall go me some free crowns and well, other stuff.

Happy Rug Bugging and Good Luck!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lotr and More!

Sorry I haven't posted all that much lately, but ever since I got my Storm to legendary, I been taking a break from Wizzy101. I still play and have done my death guy a little. But lately I have been playing a game known as Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth 2. This is not a MMO, but a RTS game (Real-Time Strategy) and it is actually pretty fun. There are 6 different factions you can play as: Elves, Dwarves, Men, Isengard, Mordor, and Goblins.

The Elves are very powerful with both the bow and arrow and the sword. The archers have a very good upgrade called "Silverthorn Arrows". They make the enemies fly a good 10 in-game (Man they would fly out of the screen if they were in-real life) and do double damage. They are awesome!

Dwarves combine power and armor to destroy and devastate their enemies. They can create highly upgradeble walls that can hold catapults, postern gates, defensive towers, and regular gates. They are my second favorite faction behind elves.

Ok, I'm going to stop rambling on about lotr and talk about another thing. Let me think of something else to talk about, like number 2 Pencils. Nope, too boring. All they do is "Write".

Lately, I have been doing KI Free Games, and well, I have gotten pretty much the same things over and over again. I have gotten at least 10 Fog Unicorns, and about 4 Blue Raptor swords. And some of the more annoying things about it is how many 7-day mount rentals I got. Well, lets count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7............ZzZzZz! I got too tired to count. I just have too many. Ah well. That's about it!

Happy Rug Bugging!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hunter ShadowBlade!!

Please welcome Hunter ShadowBlade!!

Hunter is a level 13 death wizard who I have leveled up every once and awhile. I have done a little pet training on him getting a jellyfish to ancient, and well, no mega snacks. And yea most likely, you will not believe this, but I did this in about 3 hours. Ok not that fast but still about 6 hours.

He is in Krokotopia, but he just started about, well I don't know, 4 days ago, but since I haven't really played since last week, hasn't gotten far at all. His secondary is storm, but I will be changing that soon enough. Well, he will be my next character, so will be posting updates about him every once and awhile.


On my storm guy, I finally got my storm phoenix thingy.

Trying to train him up, and hatch him to get some talents, don't know what talents though, but definitely Spritely for one.

That's it so,

Happy Rug Bugging!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Legendary In The House!

Yep, lately, my storm guy Aaron ThunderBlade got to level 60! Now a total number of levels is (x does calculation x) 120! I also got my robe and hat in one run of the Waterworks. Pretty nice, eh? And in that same run, I got the Balance Mastery Amulet, which I don't need but ah well. To the shared bank it goes. XD! I also took the time to get the crafted level 55 storm staff from the guy in the Floating Land. It took awhile, but it is still pretty cool looking.

Don't like the animation though, so will most likely stitch it. 
Sure did take long enough.

For my Kraken Pet, he got May cast Storm Shield for Teen, and Storm shot (Storm accuracy) at Adult.
The I hatched with a judgement, and got a topaz Kraken, which is interesting looking. The yesterday, I got hatched with a scarecrow and got a stormcrow. Then i hatched again and got a cloud beast, and this was when I hatched with a wookie (Forest lord).

Here's my guy right now:

Yep, hope Stephen doesn't mind me using his hat for now. Lol!

Well that's about it, and well, yep.

Happy Rug Bugging!

P.S. My kraken sneezes way too much!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Po(s)t of Many Things!

Hey guys. I know I've been gone for awhile, but not much to post about. In-game, I've gotten my partriotic leprechaun to adult, with him getting Drop-It and Spritely!

He got the new epic derby talent "Mega-Hurry" at adult, so this pet is A-W-E-S-O-M-E awesome! I will probably try to take those 2 talents to my judgement pet, which will be awesome eventually.


Now onto my storm
(Enter lighting bolt sound!)

Well a couple mights ago, around 9:00 p.m., I got my storm to level 58! I went straight to the bazaar, got my gear, and got off for the night, mainly due to the fact that I was 8/10 on the tiredness scale. Then the morning, I got on and wen to get my leviathan. The battle wasn't too hard, considering I won on the first try, but still (XD!) it wasn't that hard in my opinion. Aaron actually got his spell faster then Wolf did, mainly due to the fact that Wolf hadn't had any experience for the boss he fought so he wasn't ready for all the traps that would be put on him. Well, I took a very bad quality video of the battle and here it is:

If it would upload, that would be nice. Ah well, I will get it up on my Youtube soon enough!

Now onto the Kraken pet quest thingy. Yea, that was simple. Ya know, I love storm mainly due to the fact that you don't have to finish a certain quest to get the pet. All you have to do is get a friend to port to you on the other side of the bridge in Nordilund. That simple! Yea I took another bad quality video of that and it will be up soon enough. Yea, pretty much this was the fight: Shield, Blade, Attack Attack Attack! XD!


Then that same afternoon, my storm got to 59, and well, yea, here it comes. The longest point in my opinion.
Although I know I have more then enough quests to bring me through, I still have to say, THIS PART TAKES FOREVER! I have lately been questing in WT, and have already gotten to the second area, and about 3/4 about the way done. In CL, I have gotten in to the Crustacean Empire, not really any far done with that. Pretty much it!

Well, that's about it so bye!

Happy Rug Bugging!

P.S. My Kraken got May cast Storm Shield at Teen! Interesting!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Kingsisle, a producer for one of the greatest family-friendly MMO ever. But what happens when the players complete all the expansions KI has to offer at the moment. Although that is really never possible in this game due to something called Pvp and pet training and now gardening, but people still get bored, mainly because of this---

"Sigh, Oh I've already gotten to Warlord, gotten all the Pvp gear and trophies, so I don't really feel like doing anymore now that I'm rank 2000" (It's true, I have seen someone who is rank 2200 something!)

"I've already gotten to Grandmaster Gardener, and planted every plant, and well I don't feel like using up SO much energy for plants."

"I've trained a couple pets to Epic, a lot to Ancient, many to Adult, and have gotten to Warlord in Pet Derby, bought all the Derby pets, now what can I do!?"

My tip----find a hobby. It could be crafting items that not very many peeps have in game. It could be house decorating and showing off your house. But soon enough that will get boring. It has for me. Although I still do house glitches, I have gotten kinda bored of it. KI just doesn't have enough expansions for the players who complete those expansions within a day of it coming out. So KI would have to produce new expansions every single day. First of all, PACE YOURSELF! Geez! Next, I know it, the game gets boring at sometimes. I agree with you. Now if KI had two games, the problem would be resolved, well, mostly, and that's where my point comes in. If you haven't heard, KI is working on a new game but no details whatsoever have been released. A sequel to wizard101 I hope, although with a different twist. No I'm not lying, just click here
------->HERE!<------ Gosh I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Rug Bugging!

P.s. There's a good hobby XD!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wow, Petnome IS Fast!!

Ya know how I said that Petnome hadn't even gotten the pet up in my
last post? Well, they put it on about two hours later, and about 11:40 p.m. eastern time, IT WAS COMPlETED!!!!!!!!!!It has some pretty sweet talents, including the drop-it talent, or "May cast "Disarm" spell." Of course, it has Spritely and Life Trapper, and the one that May randomly cast Lifeblade, so a pretty good pet if I do so say myself! Well that's it for now!

Happy Rug Bugging!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Patriotic Leprechaun

BANG! BANG! BANG! Wait a second it isn't the fourth yet! That was what I was thinking when this little guy showed up in the Crowns Shop today.

Click the image to open in full size.  
Not too shabby. He's in the Crowns Shop for 2,500 crowns, so not too, too much money. And you would think that Petnome would already have it, but as of 5:32 Central time, nope. So no stats are available, unless you already have trained it to Epic, which I would have to guess that at least one person has. Although, it looks like an exact replica of Uncle Sam, but leprechauned! 

Yea, don't you see the resemblance? 

I have NO idea what so ever why I just did that.

Happy Rug Bugging, and Pet Training!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ravenwood Ball

Well, the Ravenwood Ball was last night, and well, I haven't seen so many people in one place before! XD!

Ya, and there's Friendly almost at the top of a jump.
And of course, the chat bubbles dominated the party. I think that there wouldn't be a second where there wasn't a new chat bubble. And of course, when I got on around 4 there was already a mob of people with one or two areas full in Vampire realm. I wouldn't have been surprised at all if there were people there before noon.

Well, of course I saw many familiar faces that have a blog, or have a podcast -Cough, Cough, Steve, and Fallon, Cough, Cough- Sorry excuse me. ;-) I also had the chance to see Diana WildHeart, although I didn't talk to her. Lets ee, oh yeah! I saw Friendly, and well, he was 100% right about him and Bailey coordinating their outfits, they were EXACTLY the same! Sadly, Friendly had a full list, so I didn't get to add him, but, since I already had made friends with his wife, I think I'm good! Um, I saw Ditto
Steven SpiritCaller,
Fallon, A.K.A. Fallon DeathSlinger,
Fallon ShadowBlade.
I also saw John LifeGlen, Christina IceDreamer, Fin, Luke UnicornCatcher, and that was all I can remember at the momento.

I am such a stalker.

Lets see, the most memorable part of the ball? Um, I would have to say when Friendly was being Dog Piled, then he saw Cassandra GriffinDreamer (I think it was Griffindreamer) and yelled,"Cassandra, Dog Pile!" And of course, I followed him around and around Bartleby in pursuit of her. Man that was F-U-N FUN! Overall the entire thing was awesome, probably the coolest in-game event I've ever been to, except the one Ravenwood Radio, where I got to add Bailey, Stephen, Ditto to my friend list. I also started singing a song with Kevin at the after party.

Shoutout to to Charles NightStrider, who started a new blog, NightStriders News. Of course he started it because of Luke UnicornCatcher and I, who are very good friends of him.

Although I didn't get to see it, someone mentioned that Kevin started multiple flash mobs, including a dance line, krokomummy mob, and a skeletal pirate mob.

Well, for my first big party I've ever been to in game, all I have to say is WOW!!! I think there were too many people for my liking, but ah well. Kudos to Fallon for planning this event, and well good job!

Happy Rug Bugging!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ravenwood Ball Outfit

Well, I showed you my first idea in a post that I just deleted, but if you didn't see it, here it is-

Yea, I decided to change the color schemes a little, mainly due to the fact that my boots look hideous in my opinion. Yeah, I don't know. I was looking at the different colors I could choose from, and I thought that black and red looked pretty good, but I am still looking! 

This is a list of all the famous bloggers (Don't worry, all people are famous in my book!)

Friendly Necromancer and Wife
Steven Spiritcaller
Kevin Battleblood
Luke Goldhorn
Luke UnicornCatcher
Fin And Quinn
Blaze ShadowHorn
Luke GoldHorn

Sorry if I forgot to mention your name, just want to get the post up before the actual day of the ball!

Well, see ya there!

Happy Rug Bugging!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Max Gold, Twice!?

Yep, my storm guy has gotten MAX gold twice now, and it is not a very good accomplishment. I had to buy some very expensive items to bring it down the first time, then about 5 days later, it was full again.
Level 49

Level 50

The first time I had MAX gold, I decided to buy two Commerative Statues, which I transferred to my balance file for house decorating, due to the fact that I didn't get one when you could log in and get one. 

Then I got MAX gold AGAIN! So I decided  to buy a new mount, and in which, I got the Bengal Tiger.

Yea, I remember I was talking to one of my friends when I hit MAX gold, and this is what I said at one point of the conversation! "It's not fair, I can't sell anything when I get MAX gold!" Yep, I had about 20 items left when I hit MAX gold, so the I got the 2 statues.

My question is "Why does the MAX gold level not allow you to sell anything if you don't have enough gold space?"

Well, Happy Rug Bugging!

Ravenwood Ball 2

I know this is very late, but if you haven't heard (which I am guessing most of you have) Fallon ShadowBlade is holding a Ravenwood Party for Diary of a Wizard's 2nd birthday. I will most definitely be there, considering I missed out on it last year. Now I need to find the outfit. I'm still thinking on that one outfit that makes you stand out, but not too bright that people think you look weird and odd. Well, if you haven't heard and you want more info, click here: HERE!

There is also a very good video on it describing some details of the event, so check it out!

Happy Rug Bugging! Well, and Outfit Finding!

See ya there!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

UnicornCatcher's Catch

Ok, one of my good buddies decided to make a blog about Wizard101, and it is called "UnicornCatchers Catch". Can you guess who it is?

Luke UnicornCatcher of course!

SO, go over to his blog at

Happy Rug Bugging!

There is another Grandmaster in the SpellHammer Family!!

And KaBaam-ey! I did it (again). I finally got my storm guy to Graduate level. Oops! I mean Grandmaster! ;) Yep!

This would also mean that I got to get Storm Lord (Go Zeus!) and my pet stormzilla, Queen Lulu.

The quest was SIMPLE!! Defeat 5 gearheads in marleybone, then walk about 10,000 (Ok, maybe not that many) steps to talk to multiple NPCs then go summon a storm lord, a.k.a Storm master, due to me being the grandmaster of storm, literally. Well, not at that time.

 But sadly with that great achievement came, the not very fun, very long, gear grind of all this gear.  :-(

Greatfully, I have the robe and ring and I guess you could count the myth wand (But I do have the storm one!)

And, I met up with Malistare to finish "The Final Countdown"

Not that hard considering I had a legendary storm (Dang it, I thought I was the best XD)
Team Not Level 60 (I hope everyone agrees with me on this, well in the team at least.). Wait there was a level 60, so this team name still fits. XD!

The team was me (of course) Austin NightHunter, Charles NightStrider (who had to leave about 5 minutes before the end so I brought my balance in later and we wiped through it!), and the last guy I don't remember. Sorry whoever it was, you were part of the team once you joined in the beginning of Malistare's battle.

Here is me jumping in front of Malistare right before the battle when Cyrus and Malistare have a little brother-on-brother confrontation. Then came the battle.

And of course, we came out victorious and then came a another little confrontation, but with Malistare and his WIFE!! and of course the wife overpowered Mali again. Then it was off to Master Ambrose who congratulated me, blah blah blah, and Cyrus said that he liked me now,then more blah blah blah. Sadly at that time, I was level 49 and about 3\4 away from level 50, so I went all over Dragonspyre looking for side quests, and finally, in the Grand Chasm, I leveled up. I automatically put on my level 50 robe and ring that my balance got and then transfered using the shared bank. Then, once I got to level 50, I went to Viktor Snowcrusher, who drops my hat. I fought him about 40 times, with nothing good except a skeletal warrior pet, which really has no good point for me. Ah well.

Charles also got his level 48 spell "Power Nova" in which he so kindly allowed me to port to the summoning.

I remember when I summoned Judgement for my Power Nova spell. Good times.
I got my stormzilla, Charles, a hydra.

Then it was off to Celestia, long pause, again. Sigh.
I blew threw the first area, Survey Camp, pretty easily, except for the boss at the end. He, I had some trouble on. Then it was off to the Grotto, which I blew through again. Then came the dreaded district if the stars. At level 51, I felt pretty good going in their. Boy, was I wrong.I have died at least *Count, 15 times at the least. Now I am on the collect pieces from the Piscean Troopers. I have one out of three! Yay!

InWintertusk, I am on the frost bones quest where, you have to collect a note to open the town gate. I have done multiple battles, and still not gotten it. It is getting annoying.

Then in gardening, I have planted a Pink Dandelion garden and already am level 6.

That is about it.

Happy Rug Bugging!

A Good, and a Bad Thing

So I've been farming the Waterworks a lot lately, and well, as the title says, there were some good things, and some bad things. Good news, I got my hat and the Baconator hat (Which is very helpful when it comes to pet training!). And the bad news is that my robe or boots didn't drop, AND, and, (and!) my hat dropped again! What is up with that! Well now I just have to farm again, and probably again, until I get my entire set of gear. Gosh, now I have 2 gear grinds to accomplish, yes not one, but TWO gear grinds. Ugh! Well, I am still liking the mega snacks.

Now onto pet news. I hatched my judgement pet with Luke UnicornCatcher's scarecrow, and well, I got a sweet looking astral judgement named Bandit.

Good thing is that Bandit good Spritely at teen level!! Yayerz! Then he got mana gift at Adult. :-(! So I was like "What the heck, why don't I just train him to ancient?" And that is exactly what I did. And at Ancient, he decided to get Death-shot! So I think I will stop training him and maybe hatch him with my jellyfish pet on my death file and see what that gets me. But over all, this is a very interesting death pet. Not good but not bad. Little bit of both, considering mana gift. 

The I hatched Bandit with my judgement and got a regular Judgement pet, which I wasn't very happy with considering the astral judgement looks a lot cooler in my opinion then the regular judgement. And plus the astral judge was a 66 pedigree, and the regular judge was 64, I thought I would get the astral judge but I guess not. Ah well. And of course, the pet got 65 pedigree. 
That's about it.

Happy Rug Bugging!

New Avatar

Well, I decided to make a new avatar and here it is. This is mainly because my friend couldn't see it when I sent it to him and it was very small. Here you go:

Pretty cool eh?

Yea, I used Adobe Photoshop to make this, and well that's about it.

Happy Rug Bugging!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


A new pet has arrived!

June 15 2011

New pet available in the Crown Shop - The Evil Sandman!
The Evil Sandman has arrived! He's round, he's sandy, and he's evil. Head to the Crown Shop to check out this sandy little guy and how he can help you in your quests!

A snowman made out of sand, eh? How is that even possible. I mean, I know there are terrifying (like Cyrus Drake) wizards out there, well I don't know. As far as graphics go, the pet looks epic, and the dirty top hat-like thing on his head is a perfect fit!! Petnome has already discovered 8 of the ten talents possible, and so far, it has not one, but TWO! new talents. They are "Drop It", and "Power Player". "Drop It" is a "May cast" disarm spell, which could be very useful if someone is stacking blades. "Power Player" is a card talent, which gives the card "Power Play". It also has spritely, and multiple other "Less useful" talents as I call it, including mana gift and health gift. A pedigree of 59, this pet is a very good balance pet (not better then Judgement or Snake in a Basket! Well, in my opinion at least, but what does my opinion count for?).

Happy Rug Bugging!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dragon Riders Have landed!! I got lucky (For once in my life)

OMG! (you can't see me!I'm blending in just like a pine tree!)the Dragon riders have landed, and luckily, not on top of me (Ok, that was close Master Dragon Rider!)! This is my first experience, watching my wizard101 launcher patch...............................and patch.....................and patch!

Straight in from KI:

The Dragon Rider's Have Landed!

The Dragon Hoard Pack is now available in the Crown Shop! Get a chance at brand new rare & ultra rare Dragon Rider's items including:

Bone Dragon Mount

Double Handed Blade

New Dragon Pets

Special Dragon Rider's Gear

And more mystery items!

Each pack contains a chance at the ultra rare Bone Dragon mount, plus is full of Wizard dragon items to help you with your quests!
Visit the Crown Shop to get your Dragon Hoard Pack and join the Dragon Rider's today!

Gosht that took A LONG time to copy and paste! ;) Ok,  I am really showing how lazy I am!

Yep, yep, oh and I almost forgot. With each pack you get, you have a chance of getting one of these bad boys

A skeletal dragon MOUNT! Yep, you heard it correctly. A skeletal dragon MOUNT!

So I logged on, and well, I have been saving 10,000 crowns, and guess who got lucky (Big give away there)?! I did (For once in my life)! Yep on about the 10th or 11th buy, I GOT THE EPIC LOOKING MOUNT! But with all those 11 (plus a lot more), I got many other, lets say, horrible items, so I had to think of a way to keep them, (Well, some of them) so I decided to make a room in my MFP house that has only dragon stuff in it. This is located at the bottom of the tower in my house, and also includes the hidden room.

Now onto "Katrina" (As Luke UnicornCatcher puts it)

She is a very noble dragon, but she is very dangerous! Whip noise!

Look at that tail, gosh that would hurt!

And you can even see her blue heart!

And amazing wingspan!

There she is, diving to the left of the camera so she wouldn't get caught in the picture!

More about the Dragon Riders Pack should be coming soon, and last but not least!

Happy Rug Bugging!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Uncle Sam, The Leprechaun?!?!?

So you know that post Pet-A-Palooza? Well, it says there were no new pets seen, and well, um, cough, I lied. Some other blogs have noticed a new pet. As Friendly calls it, the Uncle Sam-eprechaun!! Lol!
Here is a picture of that United Healthcare guy(;-)):

X loads picture X

There he is. The hard part is that in the video, he is only there for about 0.3 seconds, then it moves on, so it took me awhile to finally see it, but I got it.

If you missed the video here it is: